Community Projects

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Community Projects

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Knit One Paint One

The Knit 1 Paint 1 group came about as part of outreach initiative where the Koco community Resource Centre opened a community café (10am - 3pm three days per week) in the centre of Coventry. At the end of the five month project successful group cohesion had developed through preparing and sharing food, completing craft activities and regular group walks. The Knit 1 Paint 1 group now meet here on Mondays from 11.30am - 3pm and enjoy creating a range of art forms. The group is free to attend so come and join in!

The Renold Chain Heritage Exhibition

The Heritage Lottery agreed to fund a project based on the history of our building. We worked with a wide range of community members in creating an exhibition which celebrates the heritage of the Renold Chain Company in Coventry and leaves a legacy of a community exhibition space.

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Koco Connect

In partnership with Trident Reach, we are providing social events and activities for people with learning difficulties. This is a new initiative which we hope will develop into a user lead program in the future.

What Next?

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