Room Hire in Coventry

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Room Hire in Coventry

Room Hire in Coventry has never been easier than with the professionals here at the Koco Community Resource Centre. We take great pride in our room hire facilities in Coventry and ensure that we work flexibly to meet the needs of our visitors.

Room Hire For A Range of Events In Coventry

Whether you require room hire in Coventry for a work meeting, conference, training or team building we have the facilities to meet your requirements. Our number one aim is to give our clients a first class room hire experience, offering a service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Founded in 1982, we have been offering comfortable and cost effective room hire in Coventry for many years. We are a charity and work hard to ensure the local community benefit from our services.

Cost Effective Room Hire In Coventry

Finding the right room hire can often be a difficult task but at 'Koco Community Resource Centre' we have various flexible meeting and conference rooms so you can rest assured your personal requirements will be met. When it comes to room hire nobody can offer you a service like ours in Coventry.

So if you are looking for cost effective room hire in Coventry then you needn't look any further. Contact us today to find out more about the rooms we have available. We look forward to hearing from you!

Room Hire in Coventry

Rate per hour


No. RoomsDay (8am-5.30pm)Evening (5.30pm-9.30)W/E (9-5pm)W/E 5-10pm

Voluntary Sector: Non Profit Group

No. RoomsDay (8am-5.30pm)Evening (5.30pm-9.30)W/E (9-5pm)W/E 5-10pm

Statutory/Business Organisations

No. RoomsDay (8am-5.30pm)Evening (5.30pm-9.30)W/E (9-5pm)W/E 5-10pm

Parties/Weekend Events – Bond of £500 to be paid. Room Hire @ £30 per hour until 12am. £40 per hour from 12am – 2am.

Room Capacity

RoomRoom size (ft)ClassroomCabaretCommittee StyleCommittee U ShapeAudience
A20.5 x 121016161636
B20.5 x 121616161636
C20.5 x 121616161636
A+B20.5 x 243032482656
A+B+C20.5 x 364248586494
820.5 x 3614 - 1624151520
925.5 x 14.814 - 1624151520

What Next?

If you have any questions call today on: 02476 714 988 to find out more.